Vehicle emissions are impacting our climate. But increasing fuel costs means more money spent on our vehicles. To help, we created the Smart Drive Challenge!

For many of us, the biggest individual source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions comes from our personal vehicle. But many Canadians feel that public transportation, cycling, or electric vehicles are just not viable options because of where they live. They need actions they can make NOW, with their current vehicle. So, we wanted to show Canadian drivers how they could save fuel and money and reduce their GHG emissions while still using their current vehicle.

At its core, Smart Drive Challenge was a program that engaged, educated, and challenged drivers to reduce their fuel use and related GHGs by driving more efficiently and by driving less. It did this through a combination of online tools and resources that provided training, offered direct feedback, and stoked friendly competition to encourage changes in driving and travel behaviours.

This multi-stakeholder collaboration brought together private, government, non-profit, and academic partners to engage drivers in jurisdictions across the country. Since 2016, it has gone through two iterations, piloting different engagement methods to change Canadians’ driving and transportation behaviours.

To learn more about the program and the results we’ve achieved, visit ABOUT.

What Others Say...

The program was GREAT. I learned a lot and continue to implement the recommended changes.

Loved this program. While I intuitively knew some of the information, I never formally learned it.

I completed my training and found this very useful! I would like to share this with my family. I am sure this would change their driving habits.

I found taking this challenge made me more aware of things that I do automatically. I would recommend this to everyone... good learning experience. Thank you!